The unique Claims Paid policy form was pioneered by the Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) and has been part of their program since 1977. Continuing Care Risk Retention Group has had extensive experience with Claims Paid working exclusively with CAP on the use of the Claims Paid policy form for all long-term care facilities in the United States.

Continuing Care offers a Claims Made Policy Form; as well as, a unique Claims Paid Policy Form - exclusive to Continuing Care.

Why pay for claims that may never occur?

With Continuing Care Risk Retention Group, you don't have to!
Under our Claims Paid policy:

You'll enjoy premium savings. Most carriers collect premiums today for what they predict may be their cost over the life of an insured relationship. Continuing Care's Claims Paid policy premium is based on the projected costs of current and anticipated claims for a 12-month period and actual cost of running your insurance company, rather than estimates of the losses over the years to come.

You'll benefit from real-time coverage. The average carrier collects higher premiums to protect itself in advance from the possibility you will change carriers, because their obligation to pay your claims persists even after you leave. With Continuing Care Claims Paid policy, your claims are paid for by the group as long as you are a member. If you have an open claim and decide to leave Continuing Care, the group stops supporting the claim so your claim moves with you. By sharing the responsibility for claims, Continuing Care and its members partner to reduce claim frequency and severity and drive down costs.

So, don't pay out-of-pocket for claims that may never happen. Position your company to benefit from real-time coverage at substantial savings.

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