"After personally experiencing the frustrations facing the long-term care industry, I knew there had to be a better way. A start to that "better way" has been working with this innovative and forward-thinking company. I like to think that we make administrators' jobs easier."

Jennifer Voss, Director of Operations of Magnolia LTC Management Services

As director of operations for Magnolia LTC Management Services Inc. (Magnolia), Jennifer Voss is involved in all aspects of the company and directs many of the day-to-day operations of the business. She works with underwriting and risk management and is in charge of member services.

Prior to joining Magnolia, Jennifer spent 11 years working in the healthcare field. She was a licensed nursing home administrator where she implemented safety and risk management programs that lowered her facility's liability risk, reduced visits from state enforcement agencies and curbed workers' compensation claims. Jennifer also served as a specialized residential care facility administrator and executive, and risk management consultant. Jennifer has also worked on JCAHO accreditation programs with a focus on risk management and safety.

Jennifer's extensive experience in healthcare and other industries, along with her experience designing, implementing and managing all aspects of a risk management program, allows her to see long-term care needs and issues clearly. As a result, she delivers quality consultative services to Magnolia clients and assists with evaluations in assessing and managing risk for Continuing Care Risk Retention Group members.