Robert Bates, President of Magnolia LTC Management Services

Robert Bates entered the healthcare field in 1975. A few years later, in 1980, he earned his skilled nursing administrator's license. Robert worked for three different companies as an administrator, a regional director and V.P. of operations, and a director of risk management. Years later he became a consultant, providing oversight for underwriting, risk management and claims services to a multi-state acute hospital chain and numerous long-term care operations. Robert also oversaw a program which administered a state-wide workers' compensation and professional and general liability insurance program for long-term care facilities.

In May 2003, Robert joined forces with two other individuals to create Magnolia LTC Management Services Inc. (Magnolia), a firm specializing in senior care facility insurance products, skillful claims administration and risk management. As president, he oversees the underwriting, pre- and post-risk assessment and ongoing risk management of multi-level long-term care facilities. Robert is proud of the Magnolia staff's tremendous depth of long-term care experience. Magnolia also uses a cutting-edge Web-based risk assessment and management system, and maintains training protocols for real-time risk-avoidance intervention for its long-term facility clients.

Magnolia serves as the program manager for Continuing Care Risk Retention Group Inc., a nationwide mutual insurance company developed to meet the professional and general liability needs of the long-term care profession. In cooperation with Cooperative of American Physicians Inc., Robert helped pioneer the innovative Long-Term Care Claims-Paid™ policy form utilized by Continuing Care.

Robert serves as both Continuing Care's secretary and as a member of the Board of Directors. He stays active with local, state and national politics and professional trade organizations dedicated to long-term care. Most recently, he was elected to the Board of the California Culture Change Coalition. With representation from the Ca. Administration, Office, Legislative, Federal and State Licensing organizations and Provider and Consumer Advocates, this organization promotes increased focus on people and relationships in the delivery of care at nursing homes.