"Every time we shop the market, we find that
Continuing Care offers the lowest rates with the best services..."

Saving money, enhancing care...
How CopperSands achieves both

Serving residents in Colorado and Arizona, CopperSands Inc. is a national management firm that provides financial, clinical, Medicare, managed care and marketing services for a community of care facilities. The company's 10 facilities offer independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled care and sub-acute care.

Since the company formed in 1995, Cindy Leach, Vice President of Operations and Co-Owner, has worked hard to provide the highest standard of care and services while maintaining financial stability. But, it hasn’t always been easy. She explains, "A few years ago, the cost of liability insurance in Arizona skyrocketed. Every year, rates continued to escalate. We weren’t willing to sacrifice our standard of care, but we had to drastically cut expenses in other areas as a result. Something had to give."

In her quest for a solution, she discovered Continuing Care Risk Retention Group. "Continuing Care seemed to offer exactly what we needed – cost savings, control, open communication and an opportunity to be part of a team," she says. Five years later, it’s clear that her initial assessment was right on the mark!

"We’ve definitely seen a decrease in our expenses," she says. "When I think about where we were five years ago and where we are now, I see a dramatic improvement. Thank goodness!" Cindy further explains that her company’s investors often require them to shop their insurance program, but it makes no difference. "Every time we shop the market, we find that Continuing Care offers the lowest rates with the best services," she says.

And while low rates initially captured Cindy's attention, it’s the high service that’s keeping her engaged for the long run. "Continuing Care's risk management services, managed by Magnolia, are quite different than the services offered by national carriers," she says. "In a typical situation, insurance carriers have contracted consultants. If those consultants uncover a risk management issue, there is no effort to help you fix the situation. Oftentimes, your rates are raised, or worse, your coverage is dropped. It’s an adversarial relationship."

In contrast, Magnolia (Continuing Care’s program manager) offers support and answers. "They visit twice a year. They want you to succeed and they work with you as your advocate. It’s a collaborative, positive experience," she says. Cindy also appreciates the full suite of risk management tools available, including legal assistance with first response.

Does Cindy recommend Continuing Care to others in the industry? "I highly recommend their services," she says. "But only for good, quality operators. If you’re someone who really cares about doing the best thing for your residents and your employees, Continuing Care Risk Retention Group is probably a great match for you."

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