Are Continuing Care Risk Retention Group and its program administrator, Magnolia, good for care facilities and brokers? Absolutely! But don't take our word for it – Read our success stories.

Care Facility Success

"They visit twice a year. They want you to succeed and they work with you as your advocate. It’s a collaborative, positive experience." –Cindy Leach, CopperSands, Inc.
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Broker / Partner Success

"We work with many different carriers across the country and we believe that the team at Magnolia is second to none. They're highly focused on quick, efficient implementation of strategies that prevent and control claims. Their members benefit with improved claims experience and ultimately, lower expenses." –Troy Fenderson, Workers CompSolutions
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"Everyone on the leadership team has a long-term care background. They speak the language, they understand the industry, and they’re great people. I feel comfortable that they’ll take good care of my clients." –Michael Hornblas, Risk Transfer Insurance Alliance, LLC
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